Posted by Rona Mann on Jun 25, 2018
Maybe you didn't realize it because we were so involved with Pops and making sure that we were organized and efficient, but our last meeting was also Chris' last official meeting as our President.
Even though our installation is not until July 9th, according to Rotary International the new Rotary year the world over begins July 1st - and that means all duly elected officers and appointed board members - whether or not they have been formally installed, are now considered official in their positions.  Therefore, Kathryn will preside over our July 2nd Meeting as our new albeit uninstalled, President.
We cannot let the moment slip away, however, without a hearty thank you to Chris for his leadership, his strength, his good humor, and his consistency during the past Rotary year.  This is Chris' second time around, and he has grown so considerably as a man, a businessman, and a Rotarian.  He has brought all his high standards and ethical behavior to the table, and they have been infectious to the members of our Club.  We have just completed a successful year and one of which to be proud.  Certainly we always wish for more members, better attendance, more money raised, etc - that's true of every Rotary Club in the world - but we still have much of which we can be proud...and it is Chris who led and took responsibility for these efforts. 
Chris never says "no" to anyone about anything.  He is a tireless worker, always giving, giving, giving back to his community, his family, his friends, and our Club.  For that, and for so much more, a great big, THANK YOU, CHRIS DI PAOLA for setting the bar high, having our backs and never taking "no" for an answer.