Monday evening, Sabrina Buehler, member of Chikumbuso and Rotary Club of the Stoningtons, spoke to us about latest happenings at Chikumbuso.  For those who are new to Chikumbuso, it was founded in 2004 by Linda Wilkinson who also is a member of the Rotary Club of the Stoningtons.  The name means "Remembrance" - Remember those who died, Remember where we came from (a place of poverty and hunger), Remember to do for others.
In August 2019, Sabrina visited our Club and brought along Teddy Nosiku and Aaron Nyambe who were from Chikumbuso's school in Zambia but were sponsored to attend high school in the U. S.  Not only did they finish high school here but attended Three Rivers Community College and are continuing their college education while residing with the Buehler family.
We  viewed a short video of Moms at work, classrooms and library.  The buildings are crumbling and in need of drastic repair.  During Covid, for a time the school was closed but students are now back. 
Sabrina brought with her several beautiful bags, of all sizes, for our members to purchase. 
Two projects going on as Chikumbuso fundraisers:  Disc Golf and No Plant Left Behind.  Both events take place at the Buehler compound.  For further information, you can go to Chikumbuso's Facebook page or contact Sabrina at
Members can write a note to our two students, Whyness and Peter, and bring them to Rose.  She will collect them and later forward them to Sabrina or Linda via email.