Chorus of Westerly 40th Summer Pops
11 September 2021
It was a beautiful day with clear blue sky and we were ready to sell at the concession stand by 2:00pm.  Attendees, however, were elsewhere almost until the pre-show time.  Still, we did a brisk business in the next three hours.  There were many Angels this year helping to make our concession sales a big success with donations of soda, water and pretzels or donated their time.
The Board of the Rotary Club of Westerly Foundation wishes to thank everyone who supported our cause by buying food and beverages and those who worked at this concession or donated product.  A Huge Thanks to Rotarians Julie (and John) Lord for the soda donation, Alan (and Jen) Brinton for the loan of their Grey Sail truck and all Rotarians who donated water.  A Special Thank You to the Westerly High School National Honor Students Lily Bunte, Megan avallo, Justin Chen, Joe Gervasini, Megan Huckle, Dominick Lombard, Mya Malkemes, Michaela Murphy, Hannah Nicholson, Jillian Octeau, Ryan Scanapieco for their setup assistance Saturday morning.  A Very Special Thank You to our Friends of Westerly Rotary for their time and talents from Friday to Sunday:  Amanda Nall of Bogue's Alley, Jeff and Beth Frenette, Eric and Maya Dessaules, Dave and Justin Wargat, and "Above and Beyond" Anthony Russo.