Dora brought to our attention Monday evening that finally our Rosie the Riveters were going to be honored on April 10th by receiving the Congressional Gold Medal - an honor long overdue.  At the website, I found an article by Tammy Brumley about the long journey of Rosie Mae Krier (Boeing, Seattle WA) and the late Rosie Phyllis Gould (journeyman welder at Kaiser Shipyards, Richmond CA) to get recognition for all the Rosies.  Their goal had been to achieve "a Rosie the Riveter Day to spotlight what our Nation's women did in a time when our country, and the world, needed them the most."  March 21st was celebrated as National Rosie the Riveter Day during Women's History Month in 2016 but not to become a Federal holiday.  They then set their sights on the Congressional Gold Medal and the RtRCGM Act HR01773 was passed  November 12, 2020.  Mae and Phyllis worked together on a medal design until Phyllis passed away in 2021.  Mae continued their work along with Phyllis' daughter and the Gold Medal design committee.