Posted on Jul 15, 2019
Janie and Kathryn
Janie Carlisle, former Westerly Rotarian and current President of the Carlisle-Williams Foundation, found herself with very serious health issues - End Stage Renal Disease - several years ago.  On a waiting list four years for a kidney transplant, she began to think of end of life plans when a chance encounter by her sister led her to Debbie Williams Glover - her kidney donor.  Due to the struggles Janie encountered while trying to navigate her healthy issues and understand her disease, The Carlisle-Williams Foundation  had its start.  
The focus of this organization is to bring hope to patients with End Stage Renal Disease who are on dialysis.  "They provide comfort bags for use during dialysis treatments; diet and nutritional information; emotional support; and support for employment."  All of their services are provided at no cost to clients.  The mission "is to increase the quality of life and the motivation to live by providing hope and support to dialysis patients using a boots on the ground approach."
Janie said that "there are an estimated 20 million people in the USA who have chronic kidney disease."  Nearly 116,000 of these patients progress to the point where replacement kidney therapy is required to sustain life and only a few will receive a kidney transplant.  Most will require dialysis to stay alive - a few may receive treatment at home but others must go to a local dialysis center for the 3-5 hours per session three to four times per week.   Anyone who wishes to learn more about the Carlisle-Williams Foundation should go to their website: or OR send an email message to