President Steve with John Clapham.
He is the son of Chant and Andy Clapham, grew up in Westerly, graduated from Westerly High School and the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  From there he went on to work for the Navy, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly.  John said that one day he realized that he would rather help people to live rather than finding ways to kill them.  So, he formed his own company with that goal in mind.  John founded PSC Biotech in 1996.  It has "spent more than two decades providing life sciences with essential services to ensure that healthcare products are developed, manufactured and distributed to the highest standards, in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements."  The company operates in 52 countries with a global team of skilled professional experts.
A subsidiary was eventually added - Biotechnique LLC - "an oncolytics manufacturing facility filling the need for cytotoxic and high potency sterile injectible products - both liquid and lyophilized.  Biotechnique and it's state-of-the-art fill line can handle both clinical and commercial batches."  This plant is located in York, PA.
In addition , John formed a non-profit organization called Future Cures.  Its values - "We look to support research, manufacturing initiatives innovative therapeutics, opportunities that will lead to new and better therapies for a wide variety of human illnesses, conditions and injuries."