Monday evening Zoom attendees had the pleasure to meet and listen to Leslie Huikko.  She is a Certified Professional Organizer - a designation she earned by meeting the established industry standards and proven her ability through an examination and client interaction.  Through her "social work training and experiences in previous roles as AmeriCorps volunteer, Independent Living Skills Coordinator, Family Support Specialist and Operations Director," Leslie "learned the value of structure, using limited resources efficiently and resilience."
She said, "the specific services I provide will depend on how you want to use your space and time.  Whether you want to reorganize your kitchen pantry, convert your spare room into a nursery or office, or declutter your entire home before a move, no project is too big or too small.  I will work side-by-side with you to declutter and better organize your belongings so your space functions the way you need it to.  And I can also help sort out your paperwork, schedule, and task list so it is easier to get the right things done on time."
For more information, you can call Leslie at 401.206.6674, or go to her website at