Above is President-Elect Derin with Town Manager Shawn Lacey.  Shawn visited the Club on 22 May and spoke of several changes since he has assumed the role of Town Manager.  Shawn served the town as Police Officer for over thirty years and Chief of Police since 2018.  When Town Manager Mark Rooney resigned in 2021, the Town Council offered him the position of Interim Manager.  Shawn became permanent Town Manager on 28 February 2022.  His time was interim manager during Rooney's vacation time and after he resigned proved to the Town Council that Shawn was well suited to the position, "established a record of excellence."  His responsibilities include "appointing and removing all town employees, enforcing and executing all acts and directives of the Council...., preparing and submitting an annual financial report to the Council, keeping the Council advised of the financial condition and future and other needs of the town."  Shawn can be reached at 401.348.2530.