Our speaker this past Monday evening, Ann Kaschuluk, is an "old" friend - former Chorus soprano, current Chorus Board member, former Chariho teacher and forever a Yoga teacher.  President Rona reminded us that Ann previously visited the Club about 20 years ago.  Years ago Ann was asked to teach a Yoga class for the Adult Ed program.  That turned into four classes.  Currently, Ann is teaching her "regulars" via zoom.  She said that most have been practicing Yoga for many years and are capable of doing the forms on their own but prefer having her lead the class.  Ann said that Yoga gives you the ability to "leave the garbage" and follow a direction.  And, so she introduced members to some basic forms, starting with instructions to "relax" our bodies, and a couple of impossible ones for us novices.  If anyone is interested in a Yoga class, send a note to akaschuluk@gmail.com.