Dan Alvino, Sarah Steverman and Greg Powell
Over the last eleven years we have sponsored Reforest the Tropics' Education Program at Westerly Middle and Westerly High Schools.  This past fiscal year the Club was awarded a District International Service Award in the Environment and Education Areas of Focus.  Monday evening this award was presented to Sarah Steverman for opening up her classroom to a live presentation involving RTT's Forester Victor in the WMS Forest in Costa Rica with her Spanish class students at Westerly High School.  Greg Powell is the Executive Director of Reforest the Tropics.   He formerly was a member of the Peace Corps.
Next year a tentative plan includes exchanging letters with the Costa Rican school students and a live exchange with them later in the school year.
A big part of this program is to prepare informed and capable citizens and leaders by delivering comprehensive climate change education, complimenting STEM-related principles for grades 4 - 12.  Over 10,000 students across three states have benefited.  RTT works with Costa Rican farmers to build a profitable investment in farm forestry that will span generations and will capture and store CO2 for the long-term.