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Home Page Stories
Camille has represented District 21 Warwick, RI, since 2016.  She is also a Navy Veteran - a Naval Officer Candidate in 1981, her career "encompassed standard assignments within military Human Resources as well as nontraditional leadership positions in Missile Guidance Systems, Missile Production, Nuclear Emergency Field Response Team and as a Courier Officer for an Arduous Sea Contingent."  She served during Operation Desert Storm and retired as a Lieutenant Commander.  Camille has received numerous awards for her contributions in Service and in areas of civil/human rights.  She began an annual veterans' outreach program, introduced a veterans' affairs reform law.
And we were, therefore, very grateful to Dora for bringing Camille to speak to us Monday evening.  She spoke mainly about her efforts to help the veterans living in the Bristol Veterans Home.  Since the pandemic struck, the vets have found themselves increasingly isolated, confined to their own "neighborhoods", and with no activities to occupy their time - pool cues and balls removed, cards removed, books removed.  We participated in the Card Project that Camille began.  When word got around, the cards began coming from all over the country.  We can continue to help Camille to cheer up our veterans by continuing to send cards.  Write a note or two and forward them to "Any Veteran", c/o 786 Church Avenue, Warwick RI 02889.  
And we are also very grateful for Camille's donation to the Club as she said she appreciates all the good work that Rotary does.
Pasta Dinner  -  Curbside Pickup Dinner to benefit the Jonnycake Center's Fuel Assistance Fund was very successful both in execution and proceeds.  We are grateful for our cook, volunteers and especially all those who bought our take-home dinners.   A special thank you to Bogue's Alley for the Pasta Sauce donation and to Past Club President Cal's donation of Garlic Bread.
        Doug and Derin at work
Past Pres Dan Alvino has been in contact with Principal Hobin to resume our annual Student of the Month project.  Mr. Hobin has selected the following:  October Student is Nora Brennan and November Student is Madison O'Neil.   They will be attending our Dec 7 Zoom meeting at 5:30pm.
Next Board meeting will be held on November 30 at 4:30 on Zoom following by regular meeting also on Zoom.  Michael McQuade is scheduled to be our guest.  Can Do food collection is also scheduled for November 30 - bring your canned goods to Avie's Ski/Sport.
Rose has contacted our Scholarship award students about meeting with us to receive their awards in December.  More to follow.
President Rona announced that she, Julie and Derin helped to deliver turkeys for the Jonnycake Center of Westerly.
THANK YOU WESTERLY!!!  President Rona Mann  said that the response was "nothing short of incredible."  She said "as Chris was setting up outside the downtown post office just after 5 am on Wednesday, people were coming by with money.  The Westerly highway dept, water dept, politicians, business people, etc kept coming all day.  Police Chief Lacey came by with a large donation from the dept; we had fire folks, teachers, nurses, kids, and it went on and on, seemingly nonstop."  Along with our Club's donation, donations were received from Chariho Rotary, Lions Club, Grey Sail and Mel's Creamery,  Ryder's parents told Rona that they received a grant from the Shriners so..."we have kept Ryder Riding!  He will get his brand new adaptive mobility wheelchair lift." 
Kudos to Chris DiPaola and WBLQ for their significant contribution of time and staff to make this project the success it was.
Latest update from President Rona at Nov 2 meeting:  this event has brought in over $25,000 for Ryder.  While we were having dinner, Chris dropped by with more mail to benefit Ryder.  We are all so very grateful for everyone's generosity to help this family.
       Westerly Rotary CAN do!!!
In a continuing effort to do what we can for our community during these trying times, we will be collecting canned goods and dry goods.  The Jonnycake Center of Westerly, RI Assisting Those in Need (RICAN) and Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center are now accepting canned and dry goods.  They have given out thousands of pounds of food during the pandemic and can always use more.  The Board discussed this need at the last Board meeting and felt that once a month we would ask our members to bring some canned goods to our meeting.  To keep things easy, collection will happen at the last meeting of each month.  Leave the goods in your vehicle and they will be collected after the meeting by those who will be delivering the items.  Eventually, we hope to expand this project to a community-wide collection event.  So, our first Westerly Rotary CAN do will be Monday, August 31st..  We had a pretty good start.  Next collection date is November 30 bring canned goods to Avie's Ski/Sport.
Rona said that the delivery project is still continuing - five deliveries were made last week.  Thank you for all who are helping with this project.
This flyer above says it all.  Donating to Rotary means clean water and sanitation.  Health and Hope in areas that were once ravaged by diseases like polio.  Economic Development and new opportunities.  Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.  With your help, we can make lives better in your community and around the world.  EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR provides funds to Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund, specifically, and 50% of this donation comes back to the District.   You can prepare a check payable to The Rotary Foundation and Rose will make sure that it gets to Rotary Foundation in your name.  You can also go directly to the Rotary International website and make your donation online. but please let Rose know that you did so
2020/2021 Stars
Ted Avedesian, Steve Cofone, Frank Livingston, Cal Lord, Julie Lord, Rona Mann, Dan Alvino
If you know of someone who is "at risk" and can benefit from having a lockbox installed at their home, please contact the Westerly Police Department or Officer Mills at the non-emergency Phone Number 401.596.2022.  Our lockboxes are provided to residents in need free of charge.  Also, if other groups wish to donate lockboxes to the Westerly Police Department, please purchase them from McQuade's Ace Hardware.  We are being awarded special pricing and have delivered 40 lockboxes was delivered to Officer Mills.
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