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Celebrating Sixty Years   June 28, 1958-2018
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We meet Mondays at 5:30 PM
Venice Restaurant
165 Shore Road
Westerly, RI  02891
United States of America

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Celebrating Dan Alvino's 43 years in Rotary
"Without question some of life's most rewarding experiences to date have been providing community service as a Rotarian for the past 43 years.  I have lived in a variety of locations throughout the years, and I have looked for ways to 'give back' to the communities that have provided my family and me with such an extraordinary life.  Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy providing assistance to those less fortunate than I.  I find this form of service to be especially rewarding.
When traveling, I make an effort to visit Rotary Clubs throughout the world.  And whenever time permits, I volunteer my services to help foster and achieve the goals of the host clubs.  As a Rotarian I know that I can always find fellow Rotarians who are sincere in their attempt to make me feel at home in all lands.
The past 43 years have provided me with an extraordinary journey.  Therefore, I will continue to make a lifetime commitment to the goals of Rotary - goals which I have attempted to incorporate into my daily living.  I thoroughly enjoy being a Rotarian."
Thoughtful words above from Danny,  Past President of Rotary Club of Westerly RI and Rotary Club of Southampton NY
New Member Induction  -  Alan N. Brinton
Induction ceremony by Past President Cal Lord began as follows:  "You have been chosen to membership in the Rotary Club of Westerly because your fellow members believe you to be a leader in our community and because you manifest those qualities of head and of heart which fit you to interpret and impart the message of Rotary to those with whom you come in contact .... You have a lot to learn about Rotary - it's not just another club.  It's a way of life.  But, you were elected to membership because we felt you would fit into this way of life.  You will be expected to attend weekly meetings regularly.  That's the best way to fully enjoy the benefits of being a Rotarian.  Always remember Rotary's motto is 'Service above Self.'  Rotary is like everything else - you get out of it what you put into it.  Congratulations, you are at this moment the newest Rotarian in the world."
Cal with Sponsor Danny Alvino and New Member Alan Brinton
Dec 2:  Membership Induction of Alan N. Brinton
Dec 7:  Westminster Youth String Ensemble Holiday Concert at Westerly Armory  3:00pm
Dec 9:  Officer Howard Mills  AND Board meeting following dinner
Dec 16:  Student of the Month, 2019 Scholarship winner Olivia Chiaradio  AND Holiday Party - bring guests and an unwrapped GIFT which will be delivered to Jonnycake Center of Westerly and Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center
Dec 23 & Dec 30:  No meeting - Christmas blessings and Happy New Year
Jan 6:  Isabel Huckle and Sam Luzzi, 2019 Scholarship winners
Jan 13:  Deb & Lindsay Tanner, Southern RI Volunteers AND 2019 Scholarship winner Adrianna Turano
Jan 20:  Martin Luther King's Birthday holiday - No Meeting
Jan 27:  Student of the Month
Feb 3:  Open meeting followed by Board meeting
Feb 8:  16th Annual Chowder Cook-Off
Feb 10:  Russ Partridge, Executive Director of WARM Center
Feb 17:  Lee Eastbourne, Executive Director of Jonnycake Center of Westerly
Feb 24:  Student of the Month
Membership Committee:  Chairman Cal Lord with Dan Alvino, Frank Celico and Caroline Maynard
Cal said that they have committed to informing potential members of upcoming programs, which might be of interest, and encouraging members to invite them to attend.  The Club has agreed to pay up to 3 dinners for each potential member and current Rotarians may cover this cost if they wish.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Chairman Cal at calstigers@gmail.com, Dan at dalvino@aol.com, Frank at frankcelico@thewinestoreri.com.   Danny brought Alan Brinton's application for membership to meeting Monday evening - it was approved by Board vote Monday afternoon, Oct 7.  Fireside chat for Alan included Cal, President Kathryn, Steve Cofone, Rona and Rose.  Induction will take place on Dec 2nd.
Chikumbuso Education Program - we have sent a check to Linda Wilkinson to continue Whyness Phiri's education for the next year along with another youngster.  Linda has advised that our second child will be Peter Juma, age 14, in Grade 7.  Peter lives with his father and 4 sisters.  He has to help take care of his siblings because he is the oldest.  Every day he walks to school with his friends - 1.5 hour trip.  Peter likes to draw and his favorite subject is science.
   Whyness Phiri                                Peter Juma
Golf Tournament - Next year the tournament will take place on 5 October 2020 and it will include a Women's Division.
Annual meeting will take place on Dec 16 which will also be evening of our Holiday party and celebration of December Student of the Month.  President Kathryn is requesting that members and guests bring an unwrapped gift to be donated to Jonnycake Center of Westerly and Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center.  Next Board meeting will be on December 9th after regular meeting.
RYLA in 2020 will take place May 15 to 17, 2020.  We have committed to send one student from Westerly High School and have contacted Principal Hobin.  We received word that  Westerly High School Junior Adam Gilman has accepted our selection and will be completing his application online.
Pasta Dinner to benefit Jonnycake Center's Fuel Assistance Fund  -   current net is $3,142.   Check was mailed 4 December.  Dan Alvino has reported that the Lions Club will be donating around $1,800.
Janie Carlisle has sent the following note:
Thank you so much for requesting prayers through everyone you know and keeping the Rotary Club of Westerly informed. It is much appreciated. Let everyone know that after spending a week in the hospital with depleted electrolytes and a severe c.diff infection I came home just in time Wednesday to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with my beautiful daughter who brought dinner.
Thanks for your love and concern my dear friends.
Love, Janie
LockBox Program:  We have purchased an additional 20 lockboxes which will be delivered to Officer Mills later this week.
Chowder CookOff:  Doug spoke for a few minutes about CookOff set for 8 February 2020.  RI Department of Health is requiring that all participants must have a Mobile Food License AND a Food Service License.   Some restaurants may already have both but others may not and Doug's concern is that restaurants might not participate if they have to apply for a Mobile Food License.  He is also looking for help to contact restaurants so we can have their commitment very early in January.  Tickets will be ready by first dinner meeting in January - it important to sell early.
An update from Rick Lawrence, District 7890 Chair of Water and Sanitation Projects and 19/20 Chair of Agua Caliente & Paxorotot Water & Sanitation Projects
"Dear Fellow Rotarians: 
I want to thank you for your club's past contribution to one of the two Global Grants that funded the Clean Water & Sanitation Projects in Guatemala.  As a means of keeping you informed about the utilization of those funds, I am attaching the latest progress report on the 3 villages currently under construction.  Please share with your club members so they can see how their contributions are being used effectively."
"Just this afternoon ABPD posted the below video (sorry, can't publish here, but may find it on Facebook).  This is one of the 3 villages currently under construction.  Chajalajya, Tecpan - last week the pumping system operated by solar energy was installed and the water has already arrived to the distribution tank, without need of any type of fuel other than the sunlight.  Soon the water will come to homes."
"Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and all of your fellow Rotarians,"
Rick and Elin Lawrence.
This flyer above says it all.  Donating to Rotary means clean water and sanitation.  Health and Hope in areas that were once ravaged by diseases like polio.  Economic Development and new opportunities.  Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.  With your help, we can make lives better in your community and around the world.  EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR provides funds to Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund, specifically, and 50% of this donation comes back to the District.   You can prepare a check to the Club and Rose will make sure that it gets to Rotary Foundation in your name or you can go directly to RF and make your donation online.  Please let Rose know that you did so - new Rotary Foundation EREY stickers are ready to insert on your Member Badge.
         2019/2020 STARS (contributors) are Rona, Dan, Kathryn, Cal, Rose, Doug, Julie        
November 14th was our District's Foundation Dinner Night.  Kathryn, Rona and Rose attended.  Keynote Speaker was Michael McGovern from the Rotary Club of South Portland/Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Mr. McGovern is the current Chair of Rotary International Polio Plus Committee, in addition he served as Rotary International's 2007/2008 Vice President, 2006/2008 Zone Director and 2012/2016 Rotary Foundation Trustee. 
Rotary Foundation has earned the four-star rating for the 12th consecutive year from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U. S.  From the latest Rotarian, "the Foundation earned the recognition for demonstrating both strong financial health and a commitment to accountability and transparency...  Attaining a four-star rating verifies that The Rotary Foundation exeeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its area of work....  The rating reflects Charity Navigator's assessment of how the Foundation uses donations, sustains its programs and services, and practices good governance and openness."
The Weymouth, Fall River and Quincy Rotary Clubs were the biggest donors last year and received several awards during the awards presentation.
If you know of someone who is "at risk" and can benefit from having a lockbox installed at their home, please contact the Westerly Police Department or Officer Mills at the non-emergency Phone Number 401.596.2022.  Our lockboxes are provided to residents in need free of charge.  Also, if other groups wish to donate lockboxes to the Westerly Police Department, please purchase them from McQuade's Ace Hardware.  We are being awarded special pricing.  Our first supply of ten lockboxes was delivered to Officer Mills.
We recently purchased 20 additional lockboxes which will be delivered to Officer Mills later this week.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Caroline Maynard
    December 16
  • Kristina Dimova
    December 20
  • Derin Temel
    December 22
Spouse/Partner Birthdays:
  • Carol
    December 16
  • Florence Alvino
    December 21
  • Walter Kimball
    Gloria Kimball
    December 25
Join Date:
  • Danny Alvino
    December 1, 1976
    43 years
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Vice President
Membership Chair
Immediate Past President

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Deborah & Lindsay Tanner
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Southern RI Volunteers
Deb & Lindsay Tanner
Jan 13, 2020
Southern RI Volunteers
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Russ Partridge, Executive Director
Feb 10, 2020
WARM Center
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